Orafo Morasso S.n.c., Via Anzani 1/2, Genova Sampierdarena

Goldsmith Morasso 

The Gold Morasso, born around 1925 offers its customers a range of services varies.

What we consider our strength lies in the craft, yet played with the old techniques, full manual that enable the customer to do any custom work, design, model refurbishing, repair and restoration of antiques and modern.

For the heavy silverware, in addition to a strong selection of objects of industrial production house, always coming from the finest Italian factories, we have processed entirely by hand, from the small object to the large piece of art, entirely handmade.

Let's also say a special attention towards the search for unique and vintage pieces.

The gold sector / Industry is represented by a very wide range of line Gold 750 /..., Italian production and quality work at the top of the range, leaving out items of manufacture or import low-Eastern Europe.

The commercial side of our company offers a wide selection of household items and for the person, following the latest fashion trends and maintaining the classic tradition, from silverware "poor" to the crystal finished in silver.

For the most fashionable area, we offer the gifts Men / Women in steel and silver with gemstones, trendy lines and brands.

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