Orafo Morasso S.n.c., Via Anzani 1/2, Genova Sampierdarena

About Us

Born in 1925 when our grandfather, Morasso Lino began his career as a goldsmith(Fravego,as we say in Genoese dialect) was a child, initially by Charles Bellinzani teacher and later by the great Jeweler  Caesar Pavese.After years and returning from World War II, started his own business.
Senza_titolo-1.jpg  Since 1949, our dad too, now the Master Goldsmith Charles Azzi, also child (as was once), he began to learn the art, and after years and even became engaged to the daughter of the Main (Ours Mother Mirella)and ....
                                              Senza_titolo-2.jpg   .....From there, we were born, Georgia and Diego, who still carry on the tradition of family jewelry, with more dynamic and a renewed commitment to preserving the tradition that accompanies our family for nearly a century to offer a family service x as used in the districts of old Genoa, the birthplace of the best traditional Jewellery in the World, the Italian one.    
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